Fifteenth Inventory - Edition 2013

Worldwide electricity production from renewable energy sources
Stats and figures series

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Organisation of the study
Methodology elements
Chapter 1
Energy production in the world: general forecasts (.pdf)
Chapter 2
Survey of regional dynamics by sector (.pdf)
Chapter 3
Electricity production from renewable sources: details per region and per country (.pdf)


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Organisation of the study

As for previous editions, for this fifteenth inventory, we have opted for a geographical analysis on three levels (global, regional and individual country). This choice has been guided by the concern for clarity insofar as, in static terms (for 2012) and in dynamic terms (over the 2002-2012 period), we wish to:

  • identifying the relative weights of the various renewable energies in relation to conventional energies in global electricity production;

  • puts the world’s major regions into perspective with one another;

  • and comparing individual countries.

To go into detail, the following scheme was applied to each stage:

  • Global survey
    First of all we clarify the relationship between electricity production, demographic dynamics and economic growth of the countries. Through this analysis the potential of renewable energies of the various countries can be established as a function of their economic situation and not merely their natural resources, for financing capacity is a serious constraint to developing these electricity production techniques. Secondly, we report on the share of renewable energies in electricity production across the world since 2002.

  • Regional survey
    At this level, we describe the situation of each sector for each major region to gain a better picture of the potentials and the countries studied.

  • Situation by region and country
    We have used the same presentation format to detail the situation in each region and its main countries: electricity production pattern in 2012; trends analysis over the 2002-2012 period; graphic presentation of the results. This structured approach has been used to compare regions and countries. Note that the figures presented for the regions cover all the countries in that region, not only those that have been individually examined in this inventory.